The Number 23

In the Jim Carrey movie, the plot was about his obsession with the number, believing that all events are directly connected to it, or a number related to it. In the movie, Jim Carrey’s character, Walter, starts reading this crazy book, when he noticed a lot of odd similarities between him and the main character, and he started getting obsessed and dreaming of murdering his wife, Agatha. Then he checks in to a hotel and decided to finish the book, only to discover it ends at chapter 22 as the main character was about to commit suicide after murdering his lover.

But this post is not as scary as the psycho thriller. It’s about a less crazy girl (depending on how you look at it, but I still say Walter’s crazier) who’s trying to figure out her life.


It’s not as scary as the psycho thriller, unless you think I look more scary than the Jim Carrey psycho face with marks all over, for which I will be deeply offended. (I have pasted on a big smile, gimme a break.)

Anyway. This is about MY number 23.

Because last Saturday, I celebrated my 23rd Birthday.

And yes, this post is all. about. me.

Because I’m vain like that.

And also, because it is a birthday thing, this will be a bit picture heavy, hope you understand.

I started my birthday celebrations a day earlier. Birthday welcome, if you’d say.


A small, quick dinner at an Aussie resto with these people. Yes, the same people I’m with a quarter of the time. Raffy and I downed a bottle of wine, and I got a bit buzzed for my next appointment, which was…


… a local version of “The Vagina Monologues” with my college classmate and ex-prod partner, Myra. The person who took our picture does not know how to work my phone cam, though, so it ended up being super blurry. But okay, we got to watch a pretty good show, so that’s that.

The following day is Saturday, and my actual birthday!

I woke up to a bunch of greetings, and a phone call from a bunch of my family members. While I’m stuck in Cebu, a bunch of them were in the province, chilling. So I got a sort of lengthy phone call from them with all their greetings and I almost cried when my mom prayed for me over the phone and went all, “may she find a young man who will make her happy” because I kinda half wish she didn’t say that out loud, but I know where she and my dad are coming from with that because of all the drama I used to have with the wrong boy.

Then I had to go to my French classes, which is something that I always look forward to on Saturdays, because hello, happy ever after is waiting for me on the streets of Paris.

Then, Jason treated me to a birthday lunch with baguette sandwiches and wine and cheese, and I absolutely loved it. Because I have very few friends who appreciate good wine and cheese. Of course the La Vie Parisienne is right on the same compound of Alliance Française de Cebu, so I’m no stranger there, but I still love, love, love the smell of the bakery and the feel of their wine cellar (it’s too hot to be outside with the artificial cherry blossoms).


Then we met up with Kaycee after, since I had a business transaction with her, but still, we haven’t hung out in a while, and we ended up making fun of Jason.

Okay, mostly me, since I felt I could get away with anything, being that it’s my birthday. haha.


And then later on, in the evening, Dionel and I went to get a light dinner and indulged ourselves in some much-needed pampering at the Spa. We both got hot stone massages and facials, but I think I may go back there soon for a body scrub. Crown Regency’s Prana Medispa is lovely, and the person who attended to me seemed to know exactly where all the sore and stress spots are. Considering it’s her job, she has to, but I still appreciated it very much.

Well, we didn’t take pictures while at the spa because, just… no. I mean come on man. But I felt so rested and my face felt squeaky clean after, I had an amazing good night’s sleep. Yay me.

But then, I had to wake up early on Sunday, because Pami and I planned on going to a book signing with an author we liked.

You’d think book signings will be solemn occasions, but in Cebu, they’re not. There were so many people, and some teenagers were randomly fangirling over the author.


Okay, so maybe you can’t totally blame them, Ransom Riggs does look good (and he has beautiful eyes, and he’s really nice) and he and his wife (who also happens to be an author and on the book signing with him and another author) were so cute and couple-ly and they’re adorable, you just can’t help  but like them.

Although, with our crazy antics, we may have traumatized Mr. Riggs from ever coming back to Cebu, but hey, we didn’t stalk, and that’s more than we can say for weirder people.

Also, we saw Kria, who still has probably the sexiest messy hair ever.


Then, after three whole hours waiting to get our books signed, we went on our way and I had to go to another birthday celebration with another group of my friends.

Since they were so sure I was going to go for Japanese food again, they went on ahead and got us a table at Mooon. I realized I haven’t eaten Mexican in a really long time.

And they gave me an inspiration board! Which I should make a special mention here because it’s a freaking inspiration board…


…with pictures of books and Paris, and me about to dig into ice cream, looking like a dork. And no, I will not give you the satisfaction of posting that photo. And messages. I still have no idea who Edward and “LeBron” and Juan and Shawn are, but thank you for your greetings as well. haha.

And of course, the long-stemmed rose that Jude owed me from way back in February.

And we only just finished eating at Mooon when my uncle called to say that we’re having dinner, and I should bring my friends with me, and we went to the Thai resto, Siam, and got more stuffed. I finally surrendered by the time we moved on to Gelatissimo for ice cream.

And then we went home  but I decided to antagonize one of my close guy friends by giving him a slight guilt trip when he forgot to greet me, which resulted to him sending me a voice message, singing me the birthday song. I actually know how bad he is with dates and how he does not check his Facebook Birthday notifs, so I could have just given him a free pass, but didn’t because I’m a spoiled princess like that.

Anyway, I got so many greetings and messages, and I would love to post them here, but I don’t want to show favoritism or whatever, so. 🙂

And also, for my friends who were frustrated about the part that they can’t seem to post on my Facebook wall… yes, I rigged it that way, just because.

So thanks for the warm wishes, the gifts, the time, the messages, the love, everyone. I am truly grateful for the people around me. Truly.

With love and care from me, for you.

Lots of love!



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