Tiger Conservation Awareness: 3,000 is NOT a large number

I am a cat person. I love domesticated cats, but I love big cats even more.

Yes, for someone who is afraid of most animals, I love, love, love big cats.

Tiger Day 2014

Particularly, tigers.

Because they are beautiful and majestic and powerful creatures.

The sad part is that the tigers are disappearing.

A hundred years ago, there are over 100,000 tigers in the wild. Today, there are as little as 3,000 left.

And sure, 3,000 may seem like a large number, but considering the land area of jungles where they were supposed to be living, and how these ecosystems have depleted over the years, and how poachers and tiger consumers have hunted them down instead of leaving them in peace as they should, there is a possibility that tigers will become extinct within five years.

That’s not even an exaggeration, considering that some tiger species really are gone.

  • Bali tigers, despite their importance in Balinese Hinduism, became extinct in 1937.
  • Caspian tigers were last sighted in the 1970s.
  • Java tigers were last seen in 1979, and despite the expedition in 1990, there were no evidences that these species still exist.

I don’t know about you, but it’s going to be sad when the kids of the future will think that Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, or Rajah from Aladdin, or even Tony the Tiger on the Rice Krispies cereal are made-up animals.

I thought tigers were beautiful in pictures and on television, but several years ago, when I saw one them up-close, and hugged an eight-month-old cub, I was amazed more than anything, because photos and television don’t do them justice.

And okay, I’m gushing, but here’s for the more serious part.

Remember what Mufasa told Simba in “The Lion King”? (I know, lions and tigers are different, but Mufasa still made a point)

We’re all part of the circle of life.

And yes, it was Disney, but there is a lot of truth in that.

With tigers being carnivores and high up in the food chain, they strike a balance in nature. If they, along with other carnivorous animals that are already in danger, become extinct, the balance in nature becomes all wonky and the ecosystems will not survive. It’s a complicated concept, but if you listened to elementary science, you’ll get my drift.

So what happens now?

There is still time to save the tigers in the wild. Organizations like the World Wildlife Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society, and the National Geographic, are actively doing what they can to save tigers, and the thing is, even without membership, you can you do your part to help.

(And if you happen to be a Leo diCaprio fan, he’s also big on saving these amazing creatures.)

Check out SaveTigersNow.org to see what you can do to help.

As for me, this is my way. Let us spread awareness for Tiger Conservation.



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