SUICIDE PREVENTION MONTH: Movies that Depict and/or Help Us Understand Suicide and Depression

So I searched the internet for the “best” movies that depict suicide and depression. A few of them I already watched (a popular choice seems to be “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” but I already added that in for the books, so I’m not adding it here, although Logan Lerman did make a good Charlie.)

The next on the list are: The Virgin Suicides, Thirteen, and The Breakfast Club.

I had to rewatch most of the movies on the list again, which is why this post is really late, but anyway, here’s what I came up with.

These films are listed as a means to help understand mental health illnesses. If you feel that any one of these films can be a trigger, then it’s a sign that you should not watch them. If you insist on doing so, please watch this with someone you trust so that you can speak freely about the topic.

Movies that depict / help us understand suicide and depression:

Augusta Gone
Starring Mika Boorem and Sharon Lawrence

For every parent who has a “transformed” teenager, this film is pretty helpful. Based on a true story, Augusta, Gone, shows how the love and support of the family can help someone find their way back home.

When I started getting interested in the subject of depression and suicide, I was a teenager myself, and I found this film to be helpful in understanding the psychology of teenagers. Interestingly, I saw this movie when I was fifteen (the same age as Augusta in the film) so I can relate to her issues about growing up. I went through the rebellious teen phase, okay? Although where I live, it’s not as intense as Augusta, but that’s hardly the point, right?

Girl, Interrupted
Starring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie

This film is among the ones most frequently mentioned when suicide and depression is concerned. Although it deals more about borderline personality among other things, this one is helpful when it comes to recovery — ultimately, in the end, it is your choice.

Dead Poets Society
Starring Robin Williams and Robert Sean Leonard

Although this film focuses on the unconventional teacher played by Robin Williams, and even though Robert Sean Leonard’s character’s death is more of a passing fact (and arc) than the central theme of the film, it does say a lot about pressures and trigger warnings, no matter how brief.

Veronika Decides to Die
Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jonathan Tucker

I actually should have listed this as a book, but there are a lot of people who find that they need to dip their toes for Paulo Coelho’s works (although this is one of the earlier ones and among my favorites) so I added this as a film instead.

When Veronika decided to kill herself, it was because she had a cynical view of the world. She wakes up again only to find herself that she’s going to die anyway, and somehow along the way, she found that she wanted to live. Take each day as a miracle.

Another note:
Although a very good movie, I did not include The Virgin Suicides in this post because it portrays a lot of deaths, but there is hardly any explanation. Right off the bat, the narrator admitted that they can’t put the pieces together, so I preferred not to add it in the list.





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