Support The Pink Campaign By Purchasing “I Can Serve” Merch



Since Bench is the only clothing store in the entire mall that had a Pink October sale, I was in a bad place. I decided to boycott the clothing store after that “The Naked Truth” fiasco after all. (I did not post or rant about it because I was too busy to write in the blog, and I would probably put in several thousand words worth of rantings.)

Fortunately, there is a booth that is part of Ayala Malls Think Pink campaign, which sells pink October merchandise. Proceeds will go to charity. In my book, that is a better use of my money than buy something from a known brand willing to degrade women for the sake of selling clothes.

The “I Can Serve” booth sells key chains, ID holders, pins, scarves, hats, bracelets, and even brooms. I did not see shirts, though. It is located right outside the free consultation clinic, outside The Face Shop, ground floor of Ayala Center Cebu.


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