Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

So I already did the facts for Breast Cancer last year. [Article here]

This year, let’s discuss the importance of the word awareness in connection with this campaign.


Ayala Center Cebu Terraces

I very much appreciate Ayala Center’s effort to make people aware of the most common type of cancer for women. With about 99 out of 100,000 affected with breast cancer, it is a big deal.

This year, Ayala Center Cebu worked hand in hand with I Can Serve Foundation to raise awareness, and if all the pinks in the mall cannot make you look twice, then you must be oblivious. Which, considering that it’s for awareness, is a good thing.


The Selfie Booth outside Giordano, Level 1, Paseo Ciudad

The Selfie Booth is all pink and really quite lovely to look at. Of course, such a nice display should have at least a gimmick to go with it, and I guess the name gives it away: Take a photo of yourself with the display, upload it on Instagram and tag it with #ThinkPinkAyala. I am not quite sure of the prizes but if, like me you don’t care about that, do it anyway for the fun of it.

I did. 🙂



(There’s a person who got caught in the mirror so I had to cover it up with the hashtag.)

Anyhoo, I think the most important month-long display at the mall is the I Can Serve Foundation’s free clinic and consultation.


The ICANSERVE free clinic outside The Face Shop, on Level 1, Paseo Solana


According to the foundation’s website, they promote early detection through “high impact information campaigns and community based screening programs.” They also help cancer survivors through healing.

The better thing about this, however, is that women over 30 should have themselves regularly checked by healthcare professionals. The American Cancer Society recommends that it should be done at least annually.


The ICANSERVE Foundation also sells merchandise for the cancer patients and survivors.

Right outside the clinic is a small store that sells merch. They have pins even for the men who support the campaign. I think the brooms are really cute. But they also sell keyholders, scarves, caps, and masks.


We think this is an example of the Pink Persons from last year’s gig that they’re currently using for decorations, but we can’t be sure. 🙂

Okay, so, we’re dealing with awareness, right? The Pink Month is all about positivism and optimism, but that’s for those who are still in the early stages. An article from SF Gate addressed the problems for those whose cancer have already metastasized: there’s really nothing that the movement can do for them.

Awareness is good, but more than that, more funding for research is needed, especially for the later stages. Hopefully more will come out of the Think Pink campaigns around the world.

For now, if all the pink can help remind people on the importance of getting mammograms, why not?


10736191_10204306466896194_843199754_n (1)

Think Pink, everyone!



Photos are from my friend, Line of Hanging Rice and Gastronomic Adventures, You can also check out her personal blog, Violets Murmur.




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