A Tale As Old As Time

10917406_10203463633126670_7747529606193464181_n (1)

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite love stories of all time. Yes, I know it has issues, and yes, I can hear you scream “Stockholm” from miles away, but here’s the thing: I too, loved a damaged person once, and the truth is, I related more to “Beauty and the Beast” more than any other story.

But I’m not going to talk about that because God knows that tale is about as old as time.

I did, however, watch the musical recently with my sister. And yes, I mouthed along most of the lines because yes, I memorized most of it.

Gaston was the ultimate scene stealer. Except for “Be Our Guest” his scenes are probably my favorite ones in the show. He is positively primeval, I know, but the actor did him justice.

The Beast is also wonderful — he’s portrayed more as the immature young man he’s supposed to be, instead of just the scary brute in the film, and the actor was just too funny, you can’t help but laugh. Until he tears your heart to pieces, that is.

I think I had my mouth half-open for most of the show because truly, the cast was excellent, and the set was gorgeous, and I am so glad I splurged for it. Even though I watched the animated film more times than I can remember (literally, I had a phase in college where I put it on loop for about three months while working on my papers), there is still something so magical about Beauty and the Beast that I can never get tired of.

I am now three shows down to my top ten to watch, and I am looking forward to more.

Now, about that grey stuff…


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