Yolk Presents: Public Cupping and Coffee 101

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I saw an advertisement for public cupping in Yolk, a charming little breakfast nook that serves good food and good coffee, that’s you know, not a franchised brand. (That said, I still love my staple Starbucks drink.)

Because it’s summer and I am a) a coffee lover, b) a freelance writer on flexi time, and c) willing to try totally random things for experience’s sake, I decided to shell out the PhP500 for registration even though none of my friends are especially dying to go.

I learned that I am especially attached to very homey types of brews. Peanut buttery notes? No thanks. I love peanut butter and Reese’s and Butterfinger bars, but I am not especially attached to peanuts, especially if they’re in my coffee.

I also love tomatoes, but I am not fond of drinking tomato soup in my caffeine fix, either.

No, they’re not putting those random things in my drink, it’s really how the beans taste like.

My favorite had notes of honey in it, and it tastes like how you’d imagine your baker grandma’s kitchen will taste like. You know, if she bakes and is addicted to coffee.

And if you’re wondering, to be honest, I really just went there because I love coffee. I’m not into the pretentious “I-know-this” type and when I had to describe my least favorite of all the brews, I just said it was “icky-tasting” to me (totally undignified, I know). But it’s true though. As it turned out, the one I liked least is on everyone else’s top favorites, and surprise, surprise, of course I ended up being the deviant.

Not that it matters.

After all the “undignified slurping” that we have to do with our every sip (to jolt our taste buds) I was on a coffee high and started getting the crazy eyes.

Yep, someone was awfully jumpy and became an insomniac that night.

Oh, and yeah, I was practically the youngest person during our Friday Morning session. Not that I’m complaining. I also met owners of coffee shops here in Cebu, who were there to check out competition. Haha. Okay, not really. But it’s never too late to learn more, right? Especially considering that the people who were teaching us about the wonders of our daily fix, Suhaimie and Rashyd, flew in from Singapore just to partner with Yolk in this event. Pretty nice of them, but they are from Dutch Colony Coffee Company, which, as it turns out, supplies the Coffee Beans for the lovely cafe.

Photo: Line Arias

Coffee Lovers Unite for Breakfast at Yolk! (Photo: Line Arias)

Oh, and sad fact, one of the Dutch Company trainers said that a famous Filipino coffee shop franchise does not actually serve specialty-grade coffee. Uh-oh.

As for me, well, I’m all out of beans. 3-in-1 coffee, anyone?


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