MV Logos Hope In Cebu

A floating bookstore — what more could a bookworm want?

Apparently, more, like a bigger selection of books, to begin with.

Knowing that the return of any of the floating bookstores are near really makes me happy. It’s not really even the act of buying books that makes me want to go to there, it’s, you know, the happy feeling of browsing through new shelves.

Of course, my friends and I made the mistake of going there on a Sunday — and on Mothers’ Day, at that, so it was a tad bit crowded, and we weren’t able to enjoy it as much as when there could have been fewer people, but I like browsing through the shelves so, I didn’t mind the rush of bodies as much (and I’m a claustrophobe).

Now if you think you’re going to find rare books there, don’t. Rare Christian books and novels, maybe (they’re associated with OM Literature) but besides that and children’s literature, there’s really not much to expect. Although they do have several language titles, and a lot of cook-books, some health-related reads, and of course, classics.

They also have a storybook experience, some performances, and a cute cafe, but for the most part, kids will probably enjoy it more than adults, if only because half of the titles are for them.

MV Logos Hope

MV Logos Hope

The crew is interesting though, and I may want to go back there if only to talk to them and what their life on board is like. Last time I visited with my friends, we were at a time crunch. I want to dilly and dally.

See you there?


2 thoughts on “MV Logos Hope In Cebu

  1. oww? I was expecting much of my visit there this coming May 24th. I’m really hoping to find good reads there, cheaper than that from a bookstore. But, yeah, maybe I shouldn’t keep my hopes high.. Haha, Don’t want to be disappointed that much..

    • Hi Almera!
      They have great titles, mind you, I hope my post did not dampen your spirit! However, many of them are for children and for Christian readers, which is in line with their cause. It is still very much worth it though — I went there twice already and will be going back soon! 🙂

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