Some Friends Are Not For Keeps, And It’s Okay

So, I have not updated for awhile because I had many issues to deal with, but I’m done being quiet about this particular one especially since people are spreading bad things about me and my friends.

Here’s the thing. I admit to being judgmental as a person. I don’t like people who try too hard, I am not fond of people who lack class, and I dislike manipulation.

A few months ago, I had a friend who was in trouble. While I was there to look after her in times of need, I started noticing that she’s been using her situation to manipulate people into doing things the way she wants them done. I asked her parents, her boyfriend, her best friends about this, and they all said the same thing: she has been using her situation so that none of us can say no to her.

While I believe that sometimes people make up lies to get what they want, pushing others to do their bidding by blackmailing them every single time can get a bit old, especially when in the end, it’s her life anyway, and her life dangling on a thread, being used to make us do what she wants us to do.

Oh, and when I was busy dealing with the fact that I’ve been sick, on top of the fact a good friend of mine died, she went ahead to tell me that I was a bad friend for putting myself before her, considering how bad things have been. Sure, never mind that I’ve been in and out of the hospital for checkups and tests, and never mind that I lost someone I cared for, as long as I look after her, right?

She went on sending me angry text messages and chats designed to make me feel guilty. She even tried to get her friends to turn on me but when they refused, she turned on them instead.

Here’s the deal: I did not feel guilty for putting myself first. Truth be told, her constant “woe is me” stories and emotional blackmails made it easier for me to let her go as a friend. I do not need toxic people in my life, and she’s as toxic as toxic gets.

So let me cut the bull: I am a good friend: very protective, fiercely loyal, and intensely caring. I do not appreciate people who speak ill of me or my friends, especially when that person is a lying, manipulative little b**ch who tries to blackmail people around her just so that she can feel loved and get the attention she so unhealthily craves.

I don’t need toxic people. And the truth is, neither do you. Not all friends are for keeps. So if you have a friend who lies and tries to manipulate you, and emotionally blackmails you just so that she will get things her way, let her go.

You deserve better.


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