The Summer that Was [Photos]

Okay, so summer has been over for a couple of months now, but here are the highlights that made me happy:


CAMOTES, CEBU: Beach Trip with my Closest High School buddies. It’s a joint birthday celebration of some sort because all three of us were born in April! 🙂


BANTAYAN, CEBU – On my actual birthday, my friends and I went to Bantayan, and I got my favorite Sunset-Stargazing-Sunrise Trifecta. Bratty mode, but hey, it was my day. 🙂


MACTAN, CEBU – The good thing about island living is that you don’t have to go very far to get to a beach. Quiet weekends by the sea, talking and bonding with a friend is something I should do more often.


ALCOY, CEBU – Girlfriend bonding. Sometimes, a long trip is worth it to soak in some sun and good conversation.

Yes, I realized I spent most of my summer at the beach. I got about seven shades darker due getting a sunburn my first weekend out. I think I got too excited. Then I proceeded on going to the beach three more weekends in a row. It’s been two months, and I still have left-over extra tan. 🙂

I also had some non-beach fun!


I cut my hair! This is the shortest I had since late elementary or early high school, and I got super excited about it. My hair grows pretty fast though, so now it’s at a more normal length. I’m going to try a pixie cut next time, but I have to get my face back to its original shape (I’m supposed to have a heart-shaped face, not round or oval) to be able to pull it off.


Coffee Cupping at Yolk! Met a lot of interesting people. I was on a caffeine high most of the day and late into the night, but it’s a thing for coffee lovers, right? 🙂


MV Logos Hope visit! I didn’t end up buying anything but the floating bookstores always makes me happy.


IMG_7539 (2)

CEBU CITY TOUR – When we couldn’t go to Osmena Peak, much to my friends’ chagrin, I decided to push for a Cebu tour. Old places and monuments and all that. Okay, I am a nerd. We ended up at the Temple of Leah later in the day and the view was breathtaking, so it was at least worth it!


BAGUIO – See, I’m still tan from all the time at the beach! I wanted to go to Baguio for the longest time but my mom was a bit paranoid. She finally let me and my sister go, though, with my aunt and uncle, and yay! The long drive was worth it! Unfortunately, it wasn’t as cold as I’d hoped, so yeah, I’m in my typical tee-shorts-sneaks ensemble


MOUNT PULAG, BENGUET PROVINCE – We were already more than 2,200 meters above sea level and the weather was perfect! We didn’t get to go to the summit due to an incoming Typhoon though, but we’re definitely doing that soon.

Now, for next summer…


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