Blair Waldorf and Her Headbands

While I liked Gossip Girl (and Blair Waldorf) as much as the next girl, I find that some people have taken it a little bit too far — as in they want to live the life of the Upper East Side socialites.

Isn’t that the dream?

But here’s the thing, striving for that life is different from living that life when your savings account didn’t even come close to theirs. (Nate has the least trust fund from the Archibald name, I think, and he had about $200,000 based on the first season, when the Archibalds were going broke) when he was like, seventeen.

These are very privileged kids, and unless, you know, you have about that much money, you really should skip over the (high-end) shopping and not-working thing.

Which brings me to my point. I’m in my twenties, and somehow, I know people older than me who are “striving”  to be like Blair Waldorf but had Jenny Humphrey’s bank account.

Okay, I get them: Blair is pretty and smart and rich and powerful, and well, who wouldn’t want that, right? But despite Blair’s “high maintenance” status (she’s filthy rich so she can be as high maintenance as she wants) her character is actually pretty amazing in a way that she didn’t want to be the next Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian — her role models are real, powerful women who are more than their (massive) bank accounts

She wants to be more.

And it’s something that those who want to be her should strive for.

I mean when you look at it, she lives a pretty charmed life: she focused on school to get into a good university (her long-term goal, never mind that it got screwed up), she built her own name (well, via her mother’s fashion empire) and she refused to let anyone get in her way for greatness (ergo the hundreds of schemes in the course of the six seasons).

She had the life — but instead of sitting back and spending all her time shopping and watching her money dwindle, she got up on her ass and did things the hard way because she would rather struggle than live a life with no passion or career. Her husband could give her everything she wants several lifetimes over, and yet, she refused to sit around doing nothing.

It’s weird that those who wanted to be her are acting like socialites when Blair, like her mother, absolutely despised being restricted to that label. Oh, and if you wanted to be Serena or Jenny or Nate or Chuck — at some point or another in the whole series run, they worked their asses off to prove they’re more than just the glittery things.

Blair wanted to be more than her looks, her status, (headbands) and her opulent lifestyle.

So if you want to be like her: BE SOMETHING. BE MORE.


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