International Book Giving Day Giveaway Year 2


Due to the success of my giveaway last year, I’ve decided to do it on a yearly basis.

Last year, I gave a book and a box of goodies for the winner.

This year, I will try something different. I will be giving away three books to three different people, plus a surprise gift which means — more chances of winning a book, yay!

But for this to mean something other than a repetition of last year’s giveaway, I will be giving copies of my favorite books from last year:

PicMonkey Collage2

Fill up the form below and the best answer wins one of these lovely books.One’s middle-grade level, yes, but it’s a heart-breakingly beautiful story.

Also, in case you want to join even though you don’t read that much, it’s never too late to start.

Fill out the form below to join.

The giveaway is open for anyone in the Philippines, and you can submit your answers until February 5, 2016. I’ll pick the three best answers and will send you your books, free of charge. Hopefully, it will be waiting on your doorstep on International Book Giving Day on February 14.

Oh, and in case you think this is all a ruse, here’s what the winner got last year:


Instagram: @iamvanessalalaine

(Disclaimer: This won’t be how the giveaway will look this year, though.)

Good luck, and see you on the bright side! 🙂


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