On Politicking and Homophobia

Coffee Concepts

To Manny Pacquiao:

  1. Why are you even trying to run for a higher office anyway? You were barely present the last time, and you never even did anything remarkable in office. Just go box, that’s what you’re good at, and that’s how you make the Filipino people proud.
  2. If you are really going to run for office, have you ever heard of the separation between the church and the state? It’s on Article 2, Section VI of the Philippine Constitution.Remember that not everything that is moral in constitutional and not everything that is constitutional is moral. Also, please don’t bring the Bible into this, they did not ask to get married in the church, but in the eyes of the state.
  3. As a politician, you’re supposed to serve the citizens regardless of their age, race, GENDER, or RELIGION. The Constitution itself said to value “dignity of every human person” and…

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