Elections 2016: All These Debates, And I’m Still Sticking With My Main Bet

I wish I was able to vote in 2010. My presidential bets at the time were strong in their game, until Cory Aquino died and her son took the opportunity to run for president. Good for him, considering his political track record, he never would have gotten the chance to even think about the presidency otherwise. It appalls me to think our incumbent’s “daang matuwid” is based on taking advantage of the Filipino people, but hey, to each his own.

Anyway, this time, I’m really going to go home to vote. I’ve known long ago whom I’m voting for as Vice President — a part of me admires the Marcoses for the work they did before they went rogue: I am always grateful for Imelda Marcos pushing the arts, and for funding her many art programs. However, I am a Filipino, and I would still say #neveragain for the horrors that they put the country in. Familial ties are strong in this country, so no, I can’t vote for a Marcos as my Vice Pres. I’m sorry.

But it was my vote for the presidency that really confused me.

Photo: The Philippine Star

Jejomar Binay

Let us not even discuss him, he’s appalling.

Rodrigo Duterte

Duterte has his perks, of that I’m sure. He’s a good leader in Davao, I will not deny that. The way my friends talk, he seems to have a good grasp on the city — people are responsible, crime rate is low. I get it. But he’s showing signs of misogyny as early as now. Yes, things get out of hand fast, but this is the presidency we’re talking about — PR is important if only for diplomatic ties. We don’t live in just the Philippines anymore, with internet and UN membership, we live in a global community where countries have to support each other, so diplomatic ties are important, and if he keeps pissing off other countries context taken rightly or not, I’m concerned for our exports and OFWs and BPO workers. No, we’re too poor to rely solely on ourselves.

Grace Po

She’s motherly, she thinks before she speaks, she does her research and does it well, and she seems to have good PR. I think Grace Po could make a good president — but she needs more time and more experience — and maybe clear up that Citizenship issue once and for all. While we appreciate her during debates, it still infuriates me that she’s willing to find loopholes around the Constitution regarding her run for presidency. I mean, those are the basics, what would it mean for the future if we had a president who is willing to bend the most basic requirements for her qualification to grab at the seat?

Mar Roxas

Roxas has bad PR — that, we all know. Sometimes his attempt at connecting with the masses go too far that it’s seen as condescending, not sincere. Sometimes, he forgets his voice and words get out of his mouth before his brain had the chance to catch up, but more often than not, it’s like his PR team doesn’t really care because when he says damaging things, or when things he say gets out of context, his team doesn’t seem to care because I can’t remember a time where they did damage control. But we can’t put aside his achievements because of bad PR, though. I mean, you have to admit he did sign some cool laws when he was part of the senate, like the Cheaper Medicines Act, Magna Carta for Small Businesses, Tax Exemption for Minimum Wage, etc.

Miriam Defensor Santiago

Sometimes, you really do wonder if she’s going to have a heart attack while delivering one of her speeches, but for the most part, MDS is a passionate and admirable woman. Her list of achievements is endless, and her passion to help the Filipino people is heartwarming, at the same time heartbreaking. Even when I wasn’t interested in Philippine Politics, I have always admired her for her dedication and spirit. But MDS is not as healthy as she used to be. But MDS can do more as senate president. But MDS can do more at the ICC. She can be so much more than just be the next president of the Philippines. She lost the seat before, and she is sure to lose it again if surveys are accurate. Ayoko kasi masayang ang boto ko, Langya, baka si Binay pa ang manalo. But what if the 3% voting for Miriam isn’t actually just 3%? What if it’s more? What if the undecided will go vote for her instead?

The world is full of maybes, pero talaga, in the end, would all these things even matter if we as a Filipino people think only a president can save us? Gago nyo, di nga tayo responsable eh. Ni traffic laws di nga magawang sundin paano natin mapapalago ang bayan (pakyu jeepney driver na tinutukan kami bago sumingit sa harap ng sasakyan namin at muntikan kami binangga on purpose, tangina mo).

Makinig nga kasi tayo sa payo ni Ghandi: Be the change you wish to see in the world. Ano akala nyo sa presidente? Genie? Kahit nga si Genie three wishes lang kaya eh, di naman sapat yan mapaayos kabuhayan ng 100-million na tao dito.

Huy walang magic an presidente ah, hindi nya kayo mapapayaman, ano ba.


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