Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye Live in Cebu!


Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye: Love Has Arrived in Cebu!

So spoken-word poets Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye came to Cebu, and I almost peed my pants when I found out. Good thing the organizer included me in the list of people to get first tidbits over the event and I got to go.

I was so excited like you wouldn’t believe.

When the day finally came, I timed-in early for work so that I could get to the venue on time, and it’s a great thing my boss is super nice.

They performed my favorite bits (I cried when they did, because all the feels!) and the energy was wonderful. I mean, I loved watching them perform on YouTube, but it is a hundred times better seeing them onstage in person.

Also, I always had this notion that both Sarah and Phil are on the short side, but they were actually really tall! And Phil’s fluff is really fluffier. (John Green would be put to shame.)


Photo time! Sarah is super nice and Phil is cuter and has fluffier hair in person!

I’m a fan girl, sue me.


I like literati autographs. 😉

I’ll watch them again next year if they come. Fingers crossed!


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