F*cking High Standards

Coffee Concepts

“Your standards are too high,”
people tell me.
“You should lower them.”
Pause. *I scream.*

I find this offensive because I am a woman.
I am independent, I am educated, I am talented,
And I am a lot stronger than most
“Men” I ever met, and ever knew.

And when people tell me
That my standards are too high,
It’s like they’re telling me
That I am too much, so I deserve much less.

“You are too smart.”
“You are too passionate.”
“You are too independent.”
“You are too intimidating.”

These aren’t things men find “attractive”
They want vulnerable
Sweet. Fragile.
Someone they can “protect.”

I am too much
So I deserve less.

Go figure.

No, I won’t accept less.
I don’t need a man
To validate me.

God, I am so much better than that.

So unless there’s a guy

Who can give me decent conversation
And understand my…

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