Shattered Glass

You think you can love her — you can’t
Run fast before you fall, her chocolate eyes
Won’t be worth the agonizing pain
That you will have to endure.

You will want to hold her
As she cries her heart out
Onto the pavement — don’t.
There is nothing you can do.

She doesn’t need you to save her.
She’s protected by her walls
And bandages she is wrapped in
So you can never come too close.

Don’t let her crimson lips
And wide, open smile fool you.
The glittering look is only on her cheeks
And eyelids — you can only see shallows.

Take a second glance
She’s not a girl you can love
She’s all anger and pain
And a terrible, broken sadness.

You can’t love the girl
Who chained herself to nightmares
Heart-wrecked in a million pieces
Maggots eating her away inside.

She’s shattered glass
You’ll find pieces of her around you
But don’t try to put her back
She will never leave you the same.

Run before you fall,
There is no way to save her
But there is time to save yourself
From unnecessary pain she’ll cause.

You don’t need nightmares
And corpses under your sheets
And you don’t have to watch
As she self-destructs into oblivion.

Because broken girls with broken souls
Cannot love and cannot be loved
And you cannot save the princess
When she’s too far gone.



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