Turns Out, Music One IT Park May Have A Modus

Long story short, we went in a room in Music One IT Park with a damaged wall, did not report it because the waiter already saw it there anyway and we thought it was an old one and that they already knew about it. They called us after we paid and made us pay for damages. We argued it was an old one, and voices got raised. I think they kept touching and moving the wall so the damage got bigger somehow. Then the manager started acting like we spat on him or punched him or something (we didn’t) and called the police.

We explained to the police about the situation. None of us were drunk, none of us brawled, and none of us were happy about the situation because we don’t like being accused of something we didn’t do.

Follow up:

We are starting to suspect a Modus. There had been a few reactions regarding my post about almost getting arrested due to a “damage” that was already there by the time we entered the karaoke room. However, there are reactions that made me believe more and more that they’ve done this before and will do this again.

Someone told me about the same thing happening — they were also accused of damages and Music One “settled” for less than the “actual costs”/

By the way, they made us pay P2,000 for the damage. When we negotiated because of the “lapses” for both parts, they told us it was already a negotiation because the damages would have cost us P5,000.

While I could pass that off as a coincidence, I got this comment on the previous post tonight:


So, I don’t know, you guys, this could be an actual modus, and I am seriously regretting that we paid them the amount they asked for. Maybe we could ask for a refund, but I doubt it.

I could chalk this up as an experience, but just in case: Check the rooms in Music One IT Park before signing the damned “waiver”.


5 thoughts on “Turns Out, Music One IT Park May Have A Modus

  1. I would shoot them down in the head in between their eyebrows if this happens to me so im inviting them to do so and please keep the act going and going. Dont stop!

  2. i suggest you counter the modus. use the same room, different people, friends this time. bring a camera and record everything but dont ever let anyone employee know or see you. then report to the police.

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