Thank You, Kid

This is my first non-political post in such a long time, which is nice, since I really should stop with all my politicking.


The Cebu Literary Festival big event was on Saturday, and me being me, I volunteered as member of the staff, because that’s how you meet people. While I’ve been busy manning the booth, lectures, interviews, and talks were underway on the big stage, focusing mostly on local writers, which means yey, GoLocal!

My favorite thing about these kinds of events? I get to meet a lot of interesting people, like poets and writers, and even famed comic artists. I had been busy but my friend got to get me a signed copy of Manix Abrera’s latest comic so yey! Not that I missed out on a lot, I was manning the merch booth right next to Paulo Herras, and he’s so nice!


But I found that the bookworms were the most interesting of them all — for instance, I met a Gryffindor who told me he didn’t fully appreciate the new Fantastic Beasts movie (gasp!) although he did note that Newt Scamander was a Hufflepuff, so there’s that. I’m a Slytherin myself, and there were also a few Ravenclaws there earlier in the day. As a Potterhead, it is always fun to meet other Pottergeeks. 🙂

Then I met a few obviously shy people who would smile at me cautiously as I help them pick out some merch. Me being bubbly is not exactly the best thing on the planet because I am not a bubbly person to strangers. I’m more of the “resting bitch face” kind of person because I’m 99.999 percent, well, bitch 100 percent of the time, but I can’t very well scare everyone away from the event, now, can I?

But I’m still doing my “when is the last time you did something for the first time” thing, and this is the first time I volunteered at a literary event so I have to make the most of it — even though I had to drag myself out of bed early in the morning (okay, at nine, which means I’m already up for at least three hours anyway, but it doesn’t mean I like going out of the house that early, either)

All literary things aside, though, meeting a budding reader was my favorite memory of the day. There’s this (probably) six-year-old kid carrying a few picture books as his mom was browsing the merch. I am about 70 percent sure he was carrying one of the books I donated last month at the book swap, a short version of The Velveteen Rabbit, like the one on top of the pile.


His mother told me that they preferred book swapping because the kid goes through around six picture books a week, and he’s been swapping every week since the Little Library launched. And my heart felt like it grew so much because this kid is way younger than I was when I started reading a lot (although I don’t actually remember when I started reading so much — my  milestone started at 7 when I began reading non-picture books to the tune of Sweet Valley, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Baby Sitters Club)

And I loved how the kid’s eyes widened when he thought I had twenty books.I wanted to give him a big hug, but I settled on congratulating him on his reading prowess.

Made me want to write sunny things again. Thank you, kid. Continue reading: each book is a universe at the palm of your hand, I hope your eyes will always fill with wonder for each one you open.




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