I have a Christmas Giveaway, you guys!


I haven’t read a lot of books this year. I only managed to finish about 16 so far, although I’m planning on rounding it to 20. For insight, in 2014, I managed to finish 75 books.

However, I did read Jay Asher’s “What Light” and it’s vastly different from his previous book, “Thirteen Reasons Why.”

This is warm and fuzzy, and Christmassy, which is why I’m giving one away for you to read over hot coco this holiday season.

But wait.

This is basically open for Cebu mainstays (yey!)

Here are the details:

What: Christmas Giveaway!

When: December 15, 5:30 PM

Where: Fully Booked Ayala

How: I’ll pre-pay for the book. If by chance you pick it, then you get it for free (double yay!)

By the way, for the person who did get the book, please message me here (or on any of my social media accounts) to inform me if any of you got it because if not, I can get my money back or put it in the Little Free Library by the Ayala Terraces instead.

Sound cool?


OH OH. And in case the book is out of stock on that day, I’ll change it to another Christmas-themed book that I love, instead.

Good luck, and Merry Christmas!


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