Through Someone Else’s Eyes


Quote: Nathaniel Hawthorne, most attributed to JRR Tolkien Photo:

Let me tell you some things I believed in:

I believed that people who dream
are the ones who survive the world.
I believed that love is given freely,
and that it can never run out.
I believed that we all
have the ability to change lives,
so small things matter.

And then, I met you.
Let me tell you about the things you showed me:

You showed me that dreams are for sleeping,
and that it has no place in reality.
You showed me that love is currency;
you need to prove your worth to have it.
You showed me that lives can be changed,
but people forget the good and remember the bad.

And then, things are different.
Let me tell you how hard I tried to see the world through your eyes:

I saw the shattered spirits of former dreamers
who allowed the world to break them apart.
I saw the romantics who sold their souls
for people who told them they were not enough.
I saw people who are much too unhappy,
too angry, too discontent,
and who blamed the world for the bad.

We have a world full of problems.
And the problem is that this is our reality:

We have artists who stick to jobs
they can never be passionate about
because the world shatters creativity.
We have dating sites
Full of empty kisses and one night stands
for romantics who are too afraid
to get their heart broken for love.

And we have nations
shouting foul and screaming bloody murder
for things we can’t interpret as good or bad.

We are but a speck in this amazing vastness.
And we forgot the good things
we were supposed to be grateful for.
Like we forgot the bad things
We were supposed to fight against.

We forgot that dreams helped us envision,
and logic made them come true.
We forgot that love and hate
equally moved mountains
so we have to choose which way to go.

And most of all,
we forgot how small we are
against the universe,
but we have the power to hold infinity
at the palm of our hands.

So believe in dreams
But don’t let go of reality.
Give love freely
But don’t be imprisoned by it.
Lives change daily.
Inhale the good, exhale the bad.



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