Thirteen Reasons Why

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13ReasonsWhy [] Thirteen Reasons Why | © Netflix I tried to binge watch “Thirteen Reasons Why” over the weekend. I couldn’t.

It took me three days to watch all thirteen episodes (for comparison, I watched “ASOUE” all in one day).

It took me that long because it’s pretty emotional for me. See, I loved a Hannah once.

For a detached or relatively optimistic person, Hannah Baker was just another person girl who couldn’t deal with her emotions properly. Like many people in the story, many would think that she is just “looking for attention.”

As a person who loved someone like Hannah, believe me, there’s more than enough heartache in these kinds of things. The worse part is that the aftermath is even worse than the act itself. My version of Hannah survived, but I have been scarred forever, and there’s just no turning back from that. There’s just moving on.

Back to the series: it’s…

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