6 Best Essential Oils For Acne

Millions of people suffer from acne every year and the first solution they turn to is usually medication. There may be a more natural way to treat this issue without many of the side effects. Many of these oils can be applied directly to the skin or diluted with equal parts of a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Easily one of the best oils for acne because it treats many of the issues such as bacteria trapped beneath the skin without irritating the skin too harshly. It can be used directly on the skin by putting a few drops on a cotton ball.

2. Lavender Oil


Stress may exacerbate an already existing acne issue and this oil may work on acne that is caused by stress since Lavender Oil is known for its relaxing properties. It is also anti-bacterial and can help reduce swelling of inflamed areas.

3. Clary Sage

This oil is also antibacterial to treat the bacteria that forms inside the follicle and also helps control oil on the skin. It can also be relaxing and help with stress related acne. A few drops in a diffuser can help create a relaxing atmosphere.

4. Juniper Berry

Both antibacterial and anti-microbial, juniper berry oil can fight the bacteria that is likely to cause acne. For sensitive skin, the oil can be diluted with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut.

5. Oregano

Another oil with anti-microbial properties, it can help reduce the bacteria that is one of the causes of acne breakouts.

6. Frankincense

This ancient resin is known for its anti-inflammatory abilities and for encouraging wounds to heal. It would help reduce swelling and may also prevent or improved scarring.  

Essential oils have other uses as well, so check out Pure Path Healthy Living to learn more about essential oils and what they can do to improve not only your skin, but your overall health as well.


My Happier Place

“All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.”
-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

As a die-hard Disney Princess and a hard-core Potterhead, you would think that visiting Disneyland and exploring Potterworld would be the top two things my happy fangirl heart has done.

However, I am an even bigger fan of this teeny-tiny asteroid-sized planet with the two active volcanoes, one inactive volcano, a rose, and the tendency to attract baobabs. It is also known to have a lot of sunsets (up to 44 on particularly sad days).

So as a side trip to my recent pre-birthday adventure (more on that on a later post), I went to The Little Prince Museum.

It was glorious.

Seriously, I have never seen myself look this happy in any of my photos, not even when I went to Disneyland and Potterworld.


Look how happy my Little Prince obsessed heart is!

And yes, I’m the silly girl who dressed up in a green shirt and a yellow scarf because obviously, I can’t just travel this far without dressing up for the part! I am also wearing a novella necklace and rose earrings, by the way, but they’re not that clear in the pics. (I’m such a nerd, but it’s not like that’s new).


Look! It’s Asteroid B-612!!!

Even my Little Prince Funko Pop looks happy to have seen a version of his planet, and guys, promise, I am not crazy, I just love this story so much. Besides the numerous statues and French setting, the museum featured displays of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s home and office where he wrote the story. There is also a room full of planets and twinkling lights that featured the rose and the individuals that the Little Prince met during his many adventures on other planets.

I spent so much time going in and out of the museum. There are only a few people there because I went on a weekday and I am happily relaxed. Also, let’s be honest, The Little Prince is not as mainstream as many other stories despite being required reading in school so I can’t expect that many people, which is both happy and sad for me. Happy because I am not a big fan of crowds, and sad because more people should appreciate this beautiful story.

Oh, and now I am definitely sure I am not going to get married because if I actually get to that point in my life, I am definitely only ever going to want to get married in the Museum compound’s charming little chapel, and let’s face it, that’s waaay too expensive.


This chapel is beautifully charming.


I’d love to add more photos, but I don’t want to overdo it, so I may be uploading them (featuring my Little Prince Funko Pop) on the blog Facebook page later on. My happy heart wishes you all a good day.


Six Years, Eight Months

I was re-watching “Breaking Bad” for the Nth time (don’t judge me, it was a really good series) and I came across the heartbreaking scene where Jesse was crying to Walt about the death of his girlfriend.


The scene somehow resonated with me so much, mainly because I know what it felt like to love someone more than anything — and then lose that person. I could only imagine what Jesse may have gone through, but the scene is still so real to me, and so I counted — It’s been six years, eight months, and two days, give or take a few, because the days melted together that time and I honestly had no idea whether I was crying over dead weight on a Monday or a Wednesday morning.

It’s been six years, eight months, and two days.

And I still remember everything from that day — what I wore, what he wore, what he took, what I saw, how I felt.

So hey, you, I know you’re still alive there somewhere. You may have been too dead to the world on the day you destroyed the happy in me, but I remember how I almost made a deal with the devil if only to keep you alive. Some things you can forget. Some things you just can’t get over.

This is the latter.

Various Artists – The Greatest Showman Soundtrack

Quirky Little World

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack Various Artists – The Greatest Showman Soundtrack | © Atlantic

ARTIST / BAND:Various Artists (Hugh Jackman, Keala Settle, Zac Efron, Zendaya, Michelle Williams, Loren Allred, etc)

This amazing soundtrack made my heart really happy when I watched “The Greatest Showman.” The opening song, The Greatest Show came out of nowhere and was totally unexpected, that I think my jaw was hanging open the first few minutes as the opening scene came on. Hugh Jackman remains a wonderful singer.

Because this is the soundtrack of a musical, the songs tell a story. From chasing dreams, to finding acceptance, to defining happiness, to fighting against all odds – there is something here for everyone to relate to. It is beautiful and heartbreaking and empowering all at the same time. I can’t pick a favorite song, although I really love the first track because of its impact.


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Hello! :)

Things have been hectic.

I’ve been rethinking my life since summer, and I decided that I need a change in pace.

I needed to take chances.

I decided that the first thing I should do is to change my career. I did not particularly like my old job, but I loved the opportunities it gave me and I liked my immediate supervisor, which is why it was a bit difficult for me to leave. Yet, I followed through with applying for other companies and I landed a marketing job in the food and wine industry.

That being said, I spent a big part of the year job hunting, interviewing, getting my affairs in order as I turned over my old job to my replacement, and then adjusting to my new job, which is quite different, but one that I am loving so far.

I needed to let go. 

I didn’t know how much two people can change until I saw it for myself. There is nothing more scarring than seeing the person who meant the world to you for the first time since the last time.

Oh God, more times than I can count, I played in my head what to say to him the next time I see him, but when I finally did (for the first time in nearly four years) all I could do was give him the biggest hug I could muster as I congratulated him for finally making his dreams come true. I was so proud of what he achieved, but as the night went on, I realized that the person I loved was gone, and the person who sat next to me on that table was a stranger. And I bet he could say the same thing about me as well. ‘Lo and behold, I realized that night that the stranger that he has become is not someone I could even begin to consider ever being with. So that’s that. Finite.


I needed to do. 

My bucket list is filled with so many things for me to do, and I have checked them one by one, although I haven’t done as many as I wanted. But I am going on a trip in a few weeks — my first solo trip to another country, so it’s going to be an amazing experience.

Then there are other things, too. I started paying for a life insurance plan this year, which is such a big, adult step for me to take. I am also thinking of getting another health insurance or investing what little money I do have into a fund, but I am still looking into different companies to better evaluate my next step.

I needed to BE. 

Am I an extraordinary person? Not so much. But I am by no means ordinary, either — at least, as far as people around me believe. You cannot imagine how disappointing it has been when I found that people expected more from me than what I’ve shown the world so far. My family, my best friends, my former teachers all shared the same sentiment: I could do so much more.

So I’m trying be the person everyone else expects me to be. I’m trying to be the person I thought I will be. Aside from starting a new job, I am also co-spearheading the Cebu chapter of an organization that we hope we could launch in January. Then, my friends and I have been looking into doing a fundraiser for a friend’s mom, whose hospitalization and incurred medical costs are skyrocketing. Any suggestions for a fundraiser will be welcome (because we want to do as much as we can as fast as we can).

And this ends another random, narcissistic post from me to you.