I have a Christmas Giveaway, you guys!


I haven’t read a lot of books this year. I only managed to finish about 16 so far, although I’m planning on rounding it to 20. For insight, in 2014, I managed to finish 75 books.

However, I did read Jay Asher’s “What Light” and it’s vastly different from his previous book, “Thirteen Reasons Why.”

This is warm and fuzzy, and Christmassy, which is why I’m giving one away for you to read over hot coco this holiday season.

But wait.

This is basically open for Cebu mainstays (yey!)

Here are the details:

What: Christmas Giveaway!

When: December 15, 5:30 PM

Where: Fully Booked Ayala

How: I’ll pre-pay for the book. If by chance you pick it, then you get it for free (double yay!)

By the way, for the person who did get the book, please message me here (or on any of my social media accounts) to inform me if any of you got it because if not, I can get my money back or put it in the Little Free Library by the Ayala Terraces instead.

Sound cool?


OH OH. And in case the book is out of stock on that day, I’ll change it to another Christmas-themed book that I love, instead.

Good luck, and Merry Christmas!


International Book Giving Day Giveaway Year 2


Due to the success of my giveaway last year, I’ve decided to do it on a yearly basis.

Last year, I gave a book and a box of goodies for the winner.

This year, I will try something different. I will be giving away three books to three different people, plus a surprise gift which means — more chances of winning a book, yay!

But for this to mean something other than a repetition of last year’s giveaway, I will be giving copies of my favorite books from last year:

PicMonkey Collage2

Fill up the form below and the best answer wins one of these lovely books.One’s middle-grade level, yes, but it’s a heart-breakingly beautiful story.

Also, in case you want to join even though you don’t read that much, it’s never too late to start.

Fill out the form below to join.

The giveaway is open for anyone in the Philippines, and you can submit your answers until February 5, 2016. I’ll pick the three best answers and will send you your books, free of charge. Hopefully, it will be waiting on your doorstep on International Book Giving Day on February 14.

Oh, and in case you think this is all a ruse, here’s what the winner got last year:


Instagram: @iamvanessalalaine

(Disclaimer: This won’t be how the giveaway will look this year, though.)

Good luck, and see you on the bright side! 🙂

My First Giveaway Was A Success, Thank You!

So my first ever giveaway for International Book Giving Day was a success. I did not expect that many participants, and my only wish was that I could have given more happy book + gift packs.

Maybe next time.

Thank you to everyone who supported this little experiment of mine.


The Book was a Special Edition of George Orwell's Animal Farm

The Book I got for the winner is a Special Edition of George Orwell’s Animal Farm (Instagram / @MariaMyka_)

Not Valentine’s Day, International Book Giving Day

Happy Love Month!

February 14 is, as we all know — Valentine’s Day. All hearts and roses and chocolates.

But here’s another thing about that day: It’s not just Valentine’s Day, it’s also, apparently, International Book Giving Day. And because I am a happy little bookworm, I am giving away a book, and shipping it for free.

Unfortunately, since it’s not really logical to buy a book and ship it internationally for more than four times the price of the actual thing, this is open only for readers in the Philippines.

Anyone can participate.

In case you’re wondering, no, I am not looking for fellow bookworms, specifically, because I’d be happy to send you a book especially if you’re not much of one. This is so that you can appreciate the printed word.

As for the bookworms of the world, come on, we would love any additional book on our shelves anyway, right?

This is my first giveaway, by the way, so I’m hoping for participants.


There’s this Google Doc here that I would like you to fill up.

Please put in your real name so that I would know to whom I will ship the book to
Email Address is for verification purposes and so that I can contact you
Goodreads Account Link, so that I can pick a book from your to-read list (You don’t have to give me a link, but Goodreads makes it so much easier, otherwise, I might pick a book that you already have or don’t like, which is a shame)

I will be assigning a number for every participant and using an online random generator later on. Updates, as well as the winner will be announced via social media (links on Sidebar) at 10PM on the 10th so that the package will arrive for suresies by the 14th.

Hope to hear from you, lovelies! 🙂

Happy Love Month!