Happy New Year!

So I know I’m a few days late, but I have been busy, and let’s face it: I am not ready for 2016, because it will mean that I’m turning twenty-five and that I am still not able to figure out my life.

I know, my generation will probably never figure out our lives, but things are looking sad when our parents have been telling us that at our age, they have been holding down jobs, saving, and getting married, and at this point, no I have none of those.

Okay, so I have been in my current job for two years now, I spend my money on travel, which I don’t regret, and I am somewhat contented with being single, so there’s no way a marriage is in the near future. And also, because it’s 2016 and I’m turning 25, I am not going to do anymore of those new year’s resolution thing. God knows I’m too old to promise to do something I will never be able to do.

If anything though, I’m just going to make sure to make 2016 a better year than the previous ones. Hey, just because my life went on a complete 180 doesn’t mean that I’m never going to figure anything out.

Who knows, maybe this year, I finally will.

Happy  New Year, everyone! May we all have a good one. 🙂




World Mental Health Day 2015: Dignity

This year’s theme, according to the World Health Organization, is Dignity in Mental Health

Photo from hullfire.com

Photo from hullfire.com

There are thousands of people who suffer from mental health issues, and instead of helping them, majority of the world deprives them of their basic human rights: they are discriminated against, stigmatized, and marginalized. Instead of helping them, they are made subject to emotional and physical abuse, sometimes even in places that could help them, like mental health facilities, and yes, even in their own communities.

Mental health is not always easy to understand, and this year, it is the aim of WHO to raise awareness to help people who suffer from mental illness continue to live their lives with dignity and respect: through human rights policies, laws, training of health professionals, and public information campaigns.

You can download the information sheet, which has been set in a convenient PDF format, below:

Mental Health Day Information Sheet

Suicide Prevention Week 2015

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Sorry, I have been truly busy over the past few months, which is why I haven’t updated in a while.

Anyway. It is September again, which means that yes, it’s that time of the year when the awareness campaign has the most impact on me.

Today is the beginning of Suicide Prevention Week (September 7-13) and here are some of the articles I’ve written about the topic in the past few years:

Thirteen Reasons Why – (Inspired by Jay Asher’s book) Hannah Baked gave thirteen reasons why she killed herself. Here are thirteen reasons why you shouldn’t.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2013 (You Cannot Be Replaced) – Suicide is something that should be talked about. 2/3 of those who are depressed do not seek help, and at its worse, untreated depression leads to suicide.

Suicide Prevention Month 2014 – Lists that can help you through bad days, including Songs to Get You Through Bad Days, Books That (Almost) Accurately Depict Depression and Suicide, Movies that Depict and/or Help Us Understand Suicide and Depression, and Words to Live By.

Suicide Prevention Day 2014 – Celebrity Deaths (this was written a few weeks after the death of Robin Williams), and Information on Suicide, Depression, and what you can do to help.

I’ll check in again soon, but for now I have to get back to work… there are twenty articles here (Thirteen Reasons Why has fourteen articles in all) so I think this will suffice for now.

I will check back on the tenth.

As for the photo above, To Write Love On Her Arms will explain that for you.

For now, remember: Help is Real, and Hope is Real.

We’ll see you tomorrow.