What It’s Like To Love Someone With Depression

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We were truly, madly, deeply, head-over-heels in love. But she was stolen from me in an instant by a terrible, sinister plague; her mind has been overcast by blackness. I now fully understand how thoughts can be detrimental to someone’s happiness. I’d never considered the complexities of over thinking before, but by having to teach someone how life isn’t such a scary nightmare, it is much easier to live life with a simplistic view. Be honest. I tell her I love her, even though I know she doesn’t believe me, if I’m lucky she will say it back half-heartedly. Since depression is so subjective, it is difficult to confide in others, besides, I’d feel like I was betraying her if I opened up about her deep, dark secrets. It’s strange how such ugly feelings and anxiety can be present inside such a beautiful person from the outside.

It has been…

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Janet Napoles’ Pork Barrel Scam: Theft from a Nation?

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Update as of Aug 4, 2013:

Overwhelmed by the interest in the blog generated a comment written by “Mr. Anonymous Commenter” who was moved to comment in my blog post.  Given the huge number of comments, I feel compelled to inform the readers that comments DO NOT necessarily reflect the views of the blog owner.  Note that I have chosen not to censor comments until now.  However, I regret that I have found the need to delete the last four numbers of the cellphone number another Anonymous commenter has posted as I cannot sleep knowing someone innocent may be a victim of harassment due to this.  Please do not post phone numbers in your comments anymore as there’s no way to authenticate the source of information and innocent Filipinos may be victimized because of this.  

Thank you so much.   


The recent news over the possible

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Survival Guide For Dating A Law Student

Dating a law student may not be as insane as dating a soon-to-be-doctor, but it’s not easy either.

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Own a copy of Black’s Law Dictionary. This is not for your significant other, in case he/she loses their copy. He/she does not lose anything. No, this is so you can figure out what the hell it means when the law student says, “It’s unconscionable that I would have to do the dishes two nights in a row!” Or when you ask what’s wrong with your sex life and you get the response “res ipsa loquitur.”

Practice not rolling your eyes and gagging when your significant other mentions Supreme Court justices with a familiarity usually reserved for golfing buddies or a whacky uncle. Examples: “Of course Stevens would say that! Classic Stevens!” or “Scalia be tripping!”

Start to enjoy watching Law and Order. While you will rarely get to watch televised entertainment with your significant other (he/she will mostly be reading or drinking or both), if you do…

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