There Is A Global Terrorism Index, And Frankly, I’m More Sad Than Terrified

Working as a content writer for a news site has got me wondering over the past few years whether or not my job as a writer is worth it. For the longest time, I had to write about entertainment news and crap, I know more about the Kardashians and the next iPhone model than I’d really care to know.

This year, the company finally gave me a break by making me write about politics and social issues, which gave me a renewed sense in writing. Finally, things that I think should matter, Justin Bieber be damned. I was even given the opportunity to write about self-harm and suicide, which, as is apparent from this blog, are causes close to me, for reasons too long to disclose.

Mid-year, we had company rebranding, and my editor put me on politics, world news, science and medicine, and sometimes, social issues. Which I thought was cool — finally, I could love writing again.

And then, these past few weeks, I had to write about bombings, and terrorist attacks, and extremist groups, and it’s been depressing. Later today, I will have an article on our site about the Global Terrorism Index, and well, that’s just… heartbreaking. Especially considering that ISIS isn’t even the most dangerous terrorist group there is.

There’s a Global Terrorism Index, and this is the third year they published their report. But I am more sad than terrified about it. Because in the heart of all of these are families being torn apart, mistrust getting in between neighbors, broken hearts and dying dreams. And you can’t help but wonder when the next world war will come.

That’s sad, isn’t it — that instead of believing in kindness and goodness and magic, we believe in hatred and evil and darkness.

Where did humanity go?