The Author


Full-time writer.
Part-time superhero.

The author of this blog is a twenty-something
who loves books, coffee, purples, and tigers.

She plans to travel the world one day, and her last stop will be Paris,
where she plans to stay for a year or so before she goes back to her home country.

A romantic at heart, she has fallen in love exactly once, because there are epic loves.
Sadly, though, she believes that even epic love stories have endings.

She values her independence and would like nothing more than live on her own — soon as she can figure out her life, perhaps.

She is picky about who she hangs out with, because she believes in the power of association.
The people she cares for are special, and she will fight tooth and nail for them.

She is an advocate for suicide prevention and a warrior for tiger conservation.
After all, she is a princess in shining armor, not a damsel in distress.

The author of this blog is a twenty-something-year-old big dreamer
who is struggling to fight for her happiness.

Maybe someday, she will.


I would love to know what you think

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