One Day, I’ll Look Back and Smile

I think that I will always hurt because of the things that happened. Because I was stupid enough to believe in the words you said when I knew you were in no position to keep them. You were happy then, and happiness like that — the kind of happiness that does not stay, that was the kind of happiness that you shouldn’t hold promises to, because you are in no position to make promises when you were still warm from happiness.

But I meant it when I said always. If things didn’t turn out the way they did, I would still mean it.

Because I always believed in us.

But “we” turned out to be the mistake we had to make just so that we would learn from each other. For me, I learned that as much as I wanted my happy ever after with you, I deserve someone who can love me the way I’m supposed to be loved — the way you never can.

Maybe one day, we’ll look back to all the drama, and smile, because we’ll end up with the people we’re supposed to love, and who will love us the way we deserve to be loved, and everything will be okay, because it will be the right kind of love — the kind that we never were.

I will always, always love you, but I deserve better.

You and I both know that.


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